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Choosing the right eMarketing team can make a world of difference. Our focus is too increase relevant search traffic to your Internet site and improve conversion rates. We can help you launch Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ campaigns to reach your target audience. Digital eMarketing is what will set you apart from your competition. Recent studies show 1 in 4 people spend more time Online than asleep. So being active Online is essential for customer retention and it will give you an edge in customer acquisition.

Areas of Sales-Driven eMarketing

  •     Social Media for New Customer Acquisitions
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+,
    Periscope Live Streaming, Pinterest,
    Instagram & WordPress Blog Posts

  •     FIX what’s Broken update what's OLD
    changing out text, images or videos,
    resetting dead links, removing BAD reviews,
    updating the web w/ new phone numbers or hrs of operation

  •     SEO your current Website
    Search Engine Optimizations
    on-page SEO - & in-page SEO
    Off Page Search Optimizations

  •     HTML5 Mobile Friendly website Re-Builds
    remove un-searchable WordPress Websites
    and Non-responsive framed websites

  •     LinkedIn Business Social
    Personal Profile Optimizations
    Company Page Optimizations
    LinkedIn SEO = LSEO Optimizations

  •     Local Internet Directory Listings

  •     email eMarketing Campaigns’
    email to current customers
    email to past customers
    introduction to new customers

  • Are you a motivated owner who is looking to increase sales?
    Slow is the SAME-as-STOP in this new eMarketing, Social Media "Live-On-Line" Mobile device driven world.

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Our Marketing
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Here's what we can do for you:

Our Marketing
  • Fix the broken areas of your eMarketing & SEO, Repair your Social Media Sites and correctly update your local listings.
  • Improve the website with one goal "Increase sales leads". Work w/ your sales team to uncover new customers. Improve the rate at which web visitors convert to customers.
  • Establish a robust social media presence to increase your Share of "Voice" among your top competitors. Use every Social Media platform as a tool to reach as many individuals’ and or groups as possible.
  • Repair, reset or build new local internet listings. List your company in as many local directories as possible.
  • Help your email marketing team to stay in contact with your current customers, to reconnect with past customers or connect with new people you would like to start conversations with.

Cross Platform Website

Specially designed to work on all devices

Mobile traffic is growing so fast globally that in some places it has already surpassed desktop traffic. 13% of all internet traffic is now executed from a mobile device. Nearly 30 percent of adults in the U.S. own a tablet or e-reader, an impressive adoption rate considering that less than three years ago only 2 percent owned one of the gadgets.

What if you were able to reach your customers across any device using one universal web platform? Introducing our 360 website design that easily transforms to fit the screen of any computer, mobile device or tablet. Our unique 360 website makes it easy for your brand to be accessed by anyone from any device.

Call us and we can show you how a marketing team can be more affordable than you thought.

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Social media, as well as social media optimization, is an increasingly important component of any Internet marketing campaign. Not only does a well-developed social media strategy help foster meaningful relationships between businesses and customers, it also offers positive SEO benefits that can help your rankings.

Let us help you increase brand awareness and improve customer communication with the help of social media. Here’s what we offer:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media planning and calendar creation
  • Content development
  • Content marketing
  • Setting up and getting you started with social media
  • Management of social media and social networks on your behalf
  • Facebook apps and subpage development
  • Social media analysis
  • Facebook web store

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What is social media marketing for business?

Social media marketing is a promotional discipline that focuses on growing brand awareness, lead generation and consumer engagement with brands and businesses through the use of new media channels and tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and more.

Often social media marketing is seen as the polar opposite of traditional marketing, when in fact best marketing should use both traditional and digital marketing.

Social media networks are here to stay and so is social media marketing.

As of Q3 2011, people spent 22% of their online time on social networks. As more and more people get their information from social media and connect with businesses, brands and employers through social media, it becomes critical that businesses invest in building a strong social media presence.

Internet Directory Listings

Your online local rankings can make or break your success offline. Your future customers are searching the web for products and services in their community and your growth depends on new customers finding your business in local searches. Online local rankings and mobile accessibility, along with reliable local search engine marketing can make or break your business’s growth. Your future customers are searching the web and using mobile devices to find products and services in their community.

Appearing in their search results relies in part on the strength of your local internet marketing. Your prosperity depends on new customers finding your business in local and mobile searches. This can easily be done through consistent local business SEO marketing and other local SEO services. Local listings appear above organic results for many searches giving you a competitive edge based on your location.

  • Local keyword analysis and research improve local listings and rankings
  • Full on-page local SEO optimization
  • Creating geographically relevant content designed to attract links
  • Identifying relevant review sites and creating a strategy to encourage positive feedback
  • Claiming and optimizing social media profiles and business listings in Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local, Four Square & Yelp for more specific local internet marketing

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Successful email marketing is about adaptation. It’s about testing, learning and evolving campaigns. We believe in knowing our customers and developing email marketing programs that take into account our subscribers’ needs and preferences. There is no single rule for what an email should look like or how frequently we should email our customers. Each subscriber list is different. We look at your business and create dynamic email marketing campaigns that are designed to fit into your overall marketing plan.

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